My Obsidian Setup

My Moonstone Theme
My Moonstone Theme

Obsidian is my note taking/productivity app. It is my favorite app by far. Notion is good but Obsidian just offers so many more features that Notion cannot. If you want to read more about my opinions, you can check out my reviews on both via App Seeker. App Seeker is coming soon but those reviews are completed. So don’t mind the Notion icon below, that will be changing before the official release. You could say it is in Beta right now.

Anyway, I want to go over my setup, that way if anyone would like to know how I have it set up, what theme I use, what plugins I have installed, I can link them here and they can use the Table of Contents to find what they want to know about my vault. First, I’ll start with the theme and my exact settings (yes, I will be sharing all CSS Snippets) and then I will move over to usage. Check the Table of Contents above to get to the place you want to see.

Backup Settings

I have several backups for my vault. Since it contains extremely important information to me. I keep my vault backed up to my 2TB M.2 External SSD connected via USB-C Port.

The devices I sync using Obsidian Sync

  • iPhone 15 Pro 256GB
  • iPad Pro 12.9” M2 Wi-Fi Only 256GB
  • Windows PC with i7 (several gens old) and 2070 Super
  • 14” MacBook Pro M3 Max with 32GB of RAM

It is highly recommended to have at least 1 backup (besides the vaults on your devices) in case something happens to your vault. Especially if you use Obsidian Sync because that is a sync service and not a backup service. There have been several times I’ve seen vaults get screwed up and people come to the Obsidian Server to ask about it and they end up losing notes. Don’t be that person!

I consider each device as a backup since your Obsidian vault is just a folder with files in it. So, each device has my vault locally on it and then I have an off-site backup with GitHub and my 2TB External SSD. That way if anything happens to any of my devices (or all of them) I don’t have to worry about losing my vault.



I use my own Moonstone Theme.

My Moonstone Theme
My Moonstone Theme

I am creating it from scratch and there is still A LOT I want to update and change but it is coming along. This screenshot will update with the updates to the theme.

Alternate Theme: Minimal by Kepano

I used to use AnuPpuccin but that hasn’t had a major release since November 22, 2023 and I try to only keep things in my Obsidian Vault that are fully up-to-date or as close to that as possible. Since the CEO of Obsidian creates this theme, I prefer to use this theme. Plus, it works well on all of my devices.

When I have it installed, I make sure to also install Minimal Theme Settings + Style Settings that way I can customize the theme even more.


I got the idea for this setup from Daniel on the Obsidian Discord Server. He puts this list inside his vault, which is useful, though I am keeping it here because it makes it easier for me to share the list with the world. I can just link to this page which I will keep updated and you can see the date at the very top for when this was last updated.

Anyway, here are my plugins and what they are used for…

 👉 I have 15 plugins currently. 14 are enabled and 1 is disabled/inactive.

Core Plugins

These are all of the core plugins I have enabled…

  • Bookmarks
  • Command Palette
  • Daily Notes
  • File Recovery
  • Files
  • Outline
  • Page Preview
  • Properties View
  • Search
  • Slash Commands
  • Sync
  • Templates
  • Workspaces

The others I have disabled for one reason or another. Canvas is buggy and unusable for me. Tags view is not useful because I use folders not tags. I don’t pay for Publish. I don’t find graph view or backlinks or outgoing links useful at all because I haven’t linked my notes much yet (maybe I will in the future). Format converter is not useful because all of my notes are md and if they aren’t, it is because of a plugin or because it is a PDF.

Obsidian BRAT

BRAT is a plugin that lets me install other pre-release plugins that may cause issues. I try not to install very many pre-release plugins but the ones I have installed and keep installed have been found to have very few bugs on mobile and desktop so I keep them installed to have the latest versions.

Obsidian Banners

This allows me to add cool banners (pictured below) to my notes. This is one that is installed via BRAT because the official version available in the plugin “store” (what I call it) does not work with the current version of Obsidian. The pre-release version does work with it.


This is on the roadmap to be combined into Obsidian so it won’t be on this list for long.

This allows me to query my notes in unique ways. I highly recommend it. It has a steep learning curve but the forum, subreddit, and discord are very helpful with figuring out how to query tasks.

Obsidian Kanban

I use this to manage my bills, personal projects, and to help keep track of my husband’s school. I keep different lists and fill them up with tasks.

I am able to use the 📆 icon on iPhone/iPad and 📅 on Windows/Mac to trigger Obsidian Tasks to keep both of these in sync. I can use all of the same icons on both to keep them in sync.

I highly recommend this plugin.


I don’t use this much but if I do want to get Notion tables (specifically the table view) in Obsidian, this plugin works wonders for that. I tested it with my bills section of my notes and it works fairly similar to Notion.

Obsidian Calendar

I use this in the sidebar on my desktop & iPad versions of my vault. Mostly because you never know when you need a calendar. Helps me keep track of my life.

Style Settings

I use this to further customize my Obsidian themes from what the base themes allow.


I use this plugin to add little icons to all of my files to make them even easier to find in the file explorer.


I use this plugin to archive my tasks and move them under a heading called Completed in each file.


I use this to keep track of my life. I can’t remember anything for the life of me. So, I use Tasks to help with that.

Handwritten Notes

Allows me to create handwritten notes/drawings via my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. These are not searchable via OmniSearch + Text Extractor BUT I keep them organized in certain folders so I know where to find them and I don’t need to search for them.


I use this to store my saved pages in Omnivore in a second offline place. Most of Omnivore is kept in its app but if I need to reference something in my vault, then I do that with this plugin.

OmniSearch + Text Extractor

These allow me to search all plain text files like .txt, .pdf (with text on it), .docx, .doc, .html, .css, and others. That way I can find where they are located in my vault. I don’t have all of these file types in my vault but I set it up in advance cause I never know when I may need it.

Settings Search

I use this to search through the Obsidian settings. It makes it easier to find things.

Style Settings

This is currently disabled because I haven’t integrated it into my own theme yet and I am not using Minimal at the moment. It is great for customizing themes even more though.


I use Obsidian for a variety of things from journaling, to handwriting math problems (cause LaTex takes SO LONG to write out in comparison), to storing all of the things like keyboard shortcuts that I need to remember.


I store all of my tasks that I need to get done inside my Obsidian Vault. The way I have them set up are as follows:

  • Tasks Folder (named “Tasks”)
    • Areas of my life folders
      • “Chores”
        • Cats file with all tasks related to my tasks
        • Fish file with all the tasks related to my fish
        • Trash file with all the tasks related to my trash
      • “Finances”
        • Separate files for all of my finances
      • “Projects” -> This one is set up a bit different cause I heavily use the Obsidian Kanban plugin.
        • “00-active” folder with all of my active projects
          • “00-assets” with all of the images or assets for my projects
          • All other projects like ideas for my blog, things I need to get done for App Seeker and any other projects I have
        • A Projects Kanban with a list of all of my projects and their status.
    • “Misc” File that includes tasks that are random and 1-off tasks or ones that don’t fit in the other areas of my life.
    • “Someday” File that includes tasks that don’t have a specific date they need to be done. Just ones I want to get done eventually.

All of my task files are set up like so:

# Info
Any information I may need on the task(s) go here for easy access.

# Task
- [ ] Task with all of the Obsidian Task emojis go here.

# Completed
- [x] All tasks I move with Archiver (using a hotkey - has to be done manually) get moved here automatically that way I can hide these tasks.

It is fairly simple in this way. That way I can use the following queries in my daily note to view overdue tasks, tasks due today, and tasks due tomorrow (if I want to get a head start):

> [!check-r]- Overdue
> ```tasks
> shortmode
> due before today
> not done
> ```

> [!check]- Due Today
> ```tasks
> shortmode
> due before tomorrow
> not done
> ```

> [!check]- Due Tomorrow
> ```tasks
> shortmode
> due tomorrow
> not done
> ```

They are all inside callouts with check-r being a custom red checked callout that way I know those tasks are more important. They all start hidden and then I unhide them when I want to see the tasks. This works well for me because I am almost always in Obsidian and the tasks are able to be seen easily. I can also easily add tasks from my phone using the iOS Shortcuts app and my custom shortcut. The only thing you would want to update is the section below:

Adds text to my document
Adds text to my document

You may want to change either the name of the file it updates or switch that out so it creates a new file in your vault when you run the shortcut.

Anyway, that’s my setup. I am happy to answer any and all questions below!

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