Common Obsidian Shortcuts

From Unsplash
From Unsplash

I wanted to gather commonly used Obsidian shortcuts and detail them in one place for anyone to find.

There are apps like Funnel that can do the same thing though they are paid options and Apple’s Shortcuts app can do the same stuff for free.

Let’s get into it!

  1. My CaptureCut Shortcut – This is similar to Christopher Lawley’s (#2) CaptureCut shortcut. The only difference is, I have mine ask if I am adding a task or not to my vault and if I am adding a task it adds the markdown task syntax before it (- [ ] this part). Also, instead of adding it to my daily note, it adds it to my “” note in my main vault folder.
  2. Christopher Lawley‘s CaptureCut Shortcut – This saves a note into his folder called “Quick Notes” so he can reference it later. You can watch this video where he talks about it.
  3. Apothes’ Multi-Choice Menu Shortcut – They are on the Obsidian discord server and shared this message where they created a multi-choice menu which can add a quick note to Obsidian, add a task into Obsidian with the Tasks plugin format and have a Reminder option which can add a reminder the Apple Reminders app which prompts the title, notes, tags, priority and alert.
  4. Sigrunixia’s Shortcut that syncs Obsidian Sync in the background when your phone is on the charger – They are an Obsidian Forum and Discord Server moderator that shared this on the Obsidian Forum. It is an automation that checks if your phone is connected to a charger, if so, it opens Obsidian for 900 seconds and then goes back to your home screen. That link on the Obsidain Forums also has an explanation for how to do this with Tasker via Android.
  5. u/janolan on Reddit’s Shortcut to Open Daily Note – This works if you use iCloud to sync your vault. It opens your daily note.
  6. u/Scronje on Reddit’s Dictation to Note Shortcut – They created a shortcut where you can dictate a note and then it gets translated into a text note with a title of the date and time and saved to an iCloud folder. You can easily switch where it saves the note to any other folder on your phone.

These were all of the ones I could find. Are there any that I missed? Share them in the comments!


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