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This is where I have all of the other resources I use for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I use these to help me with my playthrough whilst trying to 100% the game. As I find more good resources I will be linking them here.

Interactive Maps

These are extremely useful for finding enemies, camps, etc.

Zelda Dungeon Interactive Map - This is the one I use. It is super simple to filter items on the right side and you can get to the other maps by clicking buttons on the left. They even link to more information on how to get Koroks.

TOTK Object Map- This is the best object map I've found. I use this when I am looking for a particular object or enemy. Perfect when looking for that one specific thing.

Zelda Maps Interactive Map- This is my new favorite map. I use it in combination with the Zelda Dungeon map as the items here only show coordinates and not guides how to get the items like Koroks.

IGN's TOTK Interactive Map - This one is good though it isn't obvious how to get to the depths or sky island maps. For reference, you scroll all of the way up or down and eventually you will get to the other maps. Not as user friendly as it could be. IGN isn’t known to be super accurate though.

My Current Favorite Series

GuardEzio’s 100% Full Playthrough of TOTK

He is attempting to 100% TOTK including custom pictures, koroks, meals and more.

Into the Vortex | The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom [100%]

Other Resources

Tears of the Kingdom Armor Google Sheet Document - This is a better list (than what I had) of all of the armors and what is needed to upgrade them. It also includes set bonus information and the total materials needed to upgrade everything.

IGN's Materials & Resources List - I highly recommend this page as it is not nearly as bad as their interactive map. I use IGN for everything else besides the map.

The Gamer FAQ Guide - If you are a complete newbie to the newer Zelda games, this is a great resource for you to learn the mechanics of how to start a fire, how to dye your armor, and how to save. There is also more advanced information like how to use a device dispenser and what are Zonai charges used for.

Linkus7 - He is a great YouTuber for watching how to do different glitches in the game. As of 1.1.2 most have been patched out though I have my auto-updates disabled and I even forget my Wifi Network before I insert the game card just in case. I'm sticking with 1.1.1 as the game is too grindy without the duplication glitches and such.

Austin John Plays - He is a fantastic YouTuber that goes over glitches as well as the best methods to go through the game.

Upgrading Stashes

This is the amount of Korok seeds you need for upgrading your weapons stash, bow stash and shield stash. You only need 421 Korok Seeds to max out your inventory via the stashes below.

Weapon Stash - 153 Seeds needed total

Shield Stash - 160 Seeds needed total

Bow Stash - 108 Seeds needed total

Hyrule Compendium

Complete list with Locations from Tecnosofera

This is the feature that allows you to use Sensor+ to locate items. You get this by completing the Sensor & Sensor+ quests from Robbie. You can buy them from the Hateno Tech Lab, where Robbie will be after you complete these. To buy all pictures you need a total of XX Rupees. This amount goes down based on the number of pictures you take yourself.

Fauna Picture Price

92 total for 100 each

Material Picture Price

116 total for 100 each

Other Picture Price

6 total for 100 each

Enemy Picture Price

110 total for 100 each

Weapon Picture Price

175 total for 100 each

How EXP & Level Scaling works in TOTK & BOTW

This is explained beautifully by Austin so I’m plugging his video. What it boils down to is this: You can defeat 10 of the same enemy and those experience points count towards progressing of the game. After those 10 they don’t help. So a max of 10 of each enemy type count towards getting better weapons, shields, etc.

All Pony Point Rewards

You can get a pony point every time you…

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